5 Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

Usually, you can manage your storage needs with the help of a self storage unit. It’s quite useful when you’re preparing for that big move. You might also need it when you want to make some extra space indoors. The low-maintenance items can safely go into storage with the help of some boxes and bubble wraps.

However, you may have certain items that need extra care. For such items, you’ll need climate controlled storage to protect them from damage. Here are a few items that need climate controlled storage units:

1. Wooden furniture

You don’t just get the benefit of temperature control with a climate controlled storage. Such storage units also have humidity control. When it comes to storing wooden furniture, it’s necessary to protect it from moisture. Wood suffers a great deal of damage owing to moisture as it causes cracks and warps.

If you’re clearing out a bedroom in your house, you may need to store your wooden bed frame and dressers. The best choice for storing such items would be a climate controlled storage unit.

2. Instruments

Instruments are generally pricey and can be quite large, taking up a significant amount of space. They’re also delicate and need some careful handling to prevent damage. A higher temperature and humidity can adversely affect your instrument. Owing to fluctuations in temperatures, instruments made with wood and string would expand or contract.

Some harmful bacteria can grow on your woodwind and brass instruments. So, you’d certainly need climate controlled storage for your instruments. It is a must whether you need to store them for a few months or a longer duration.

3. Leather furniture

Even small shifts in temperature can cause some serious damage to leather. It is among the most sensitive materials and also comes at a higher price. If you’re living in an area with fluctuating climatic conditions, your leather furniture would need a climate controlled storage.

Even if you’re not living in such an area, it’s better to provide a safe storage for such items. Nothing can protect your leather furniture better than a climate controlled storage unit.

4. Artwork

Artwork is one of the most fragile items and must be stored in an appropriate manner. Whether it’s a piece of art that’s timeless or a do-it-yourself item, artwork must be given utmost care. To make sure that your artwork stays in top shape, suitable temperature and humidity must be maintained where it is stored.

The climate controlled storage units don’t just protect the final pieces of artwork. It can also keep craft supplies such as sewing machines and fabric protected from cold spells and moisture.

5. Household appliances

Your household appliances can suffer some nasty damages upon exposure to extreme cold or heat. These appliances include dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. If you don’t store them in an appropriate manner, their mechanical and electronic parts can rust or develop cracks.

So, if you want to store such items for a longer period, the climate controlled storage would be an ideal choice. Even if you’ve cleaned and dried your appliances thoroughly, they still need to be properly stored. This would save you from the frustration of finding fungus or mold inside when you open them.

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