6 Things To Consider Before Renting a Storage Unit

According to the estimates, the storage industry annually generates $39 billion in revenues. Today, more than 10% of the households use rental storage for preserving furniture, antiques, and other items. You may have several reasons for renting a storage unit. It’ll come as a surprise to you that there are many varieties in the storage facilities and units.

Before you rent a storage unit, you must first consider the various factors that would help you choose a suitable one. These factors would make it easier for you to determine what type of unit would best serve your needs. So, let’s try to understand what are they:

1. Duration of the storage

The cost of storing the items adds up over a period of time. Most of the storage facilities offer month to month renting, while some might follow their minimum renting periods. You must also consider the vulnerability of your belongings to the elements. This is extremely necessary if you’re storing them for a longer duration.

2. Cost of the storage unit

Cost is undoubtedly one of the major factors that influence your decision to rent a storage unit. After you’ve determined the total square footage for storing your items, you’d like to know the cost. You’d always want a unit that has a little more space than what you’ve determined.

This would be useful in the future if you decide to add more items. Larger units would surely increase costs. So, you must always avoid renting a storage unit that has significantly larger space than what you need.

3. Size of the storage unit

The height of the storage unit’s ceiling and the square footage can vary greatly. You’d want to rent a storage unit that has a little more space after measuring the total square footage. This provides a buffer in case you’ve had certain miscalculations.

4. Security of the storage facility

The levels of security in different types of storage facilities vary widely depending on several factors. Storage facilities that use highly advanced security and surveillance systems would give you complete peace of mind. However, you might also want to consider the costs involved, as the storage units they provide are expensive.

You can visit the storage facility and determine whether the security and cost of storage units meet your expectations.

5. Amenities and features

You need to understand that indoor storage doesn’t necessarily mean the units are climate-controlled. Similarly, a climate-controlled storage unit won’t usually provide humidity control. It would be a mistake to assume that you’re eligible for the features that are not mentioned in your rental contract.

You must ask about the features and amenities that would be provided before renting a storage unit. Before signing the rental contract, make sure that the storage unit meets your needs. Some facilities may offer only limited access while others would be accessible 24/7.

6. Insurance

If your belongings are not covered under an insurance, you may need to learn about the insurance options. Storage facilities provide insurance options for their customers according to the coverage needs. The possessions that are moved into a storage unit must be protected with an appropriate insurance policy.

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